To show me you are alive: A transcription

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This piece used the Allen Ginsberg poem Transcription of Organ Music as the starting place and sound score. The poem acted as the container for different improvisational scores and set phrases, as a way to explore memory, loss, repetition, and the formal structure of “the duet”. Choreographed by Emie Hughes, in collaboration with dancer Sophie Bromberg.

"Can I bring back the words? Will thought of transcription haze my mental open eye?

The kindly search for growth, the gracious de-sire to exist of the flowers, my near ecstasy at existing among them
The privilege to witness my existence - you too must seek the sun...

My books piled up before me for my use waiting in space where I placed them, they
haven't disappeared, time's left its remnants and qualities for me to use-my words piled up, my texts, my manuscripts, my loves.

I had a moment of clarity, saw the feeling in the heart of things, walked out to the garden crying.
Saw the red blossoms in the night light, sun's gone, they had all grown, in a moment, and were waiting stopped in time for the day sun to come and give them... "

Excerpt from "Transcription of Organ Music" - Allen Ginsberg