Boundless in Brooklyn 2017: Team Tangrams

Description of Boundless in Brooklyn, from "Boundless in Brooklyn: A 48 Hour Dance Film Contest, offers a unique platform for artists in various disciplines to create, collaborate, network, and present dance films to an eclectic audience. Produced by of bones || hollye bynum, this contest challenges participants to generate original dance films in two days. Boundless in Brooklyn culminates with the Boundless Screening Gala where films made within the 48 hour period will be screened and awarded. The Boundless Screening Gala provides the community with an affordable, exciting, and educational way to view dance film. Events will take place over one weekend from Friday - Sunday in well-equipped, beautiful facilities around Brooklyn."

Team Name: Tangrams

Team Leader: Emie Hughes & Ri Lindegren

Inclusion Items: 1. Chinatown 2. Dive 3. Dream catcher

 Producers/Directors: Emie Hughes & Ri Lindegren

Director of Photography: Ri Lindegren

Camera Operator: Nicholas Angeles, Ri Lindegren, Jordan Sucher, Liz Otten - Chen, Katherine Fana

Editor:  Ri Lindegren

Assistant Directors: Liz Otten - Chen, Nicholas Angeles, Emie Hughes

Choreographers: Emie Hughes & Ri Lindegren, in collaboration with performers

Performers: Argelia Arreola, Alexandra Pinel, Hans Rasch, Kareem Woods, Emie Hughes


Benjamin Wagner - Track 1 -  "Am-Trans", "Bass Rider", "The Dirty", "Transit Center" by Podington Bear, Remix by Ben Wagner. Free Music Archive, CC BY-NC 3.0

Nick Angeles - Track 2 - Ethos_COL/Nick "Eyes"